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2 - Week of 06.09.24- Meat Lovers 10 Meals Plan for $210

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Experience having your private chef who will help guide you along your Keto lifestyle.

In Mary's Keto Kitchen, we offer some of the yummiest gourmet foods from across the world that can help our subscribers maintain Keto and lose weight over the course of four weeks.

All our ingredients are organic and each meal contains less than 10 grams of carbs, heating instructions, and macro information.

Note that cheat days are highly discouraged on a Keto diet because your body will exit from ketosis.  Please avoid eating nuts or fruit for the first four weeks and introduce carbs gradually after getting off the diet 

 Below are the Menu items for the "Eat Yummy, Get Skinny 10" plan.

Salmon with Avocado Mayo and Garlic, Mashed Cauli and Green Beans, Lamb Chops with rice, Chicken Quesadillas, Pepperoni Deep Dish Pizza, Meatballs wrap, Stuffed chicken squash, Mexican Pizza, Beef Taco salad, Pesto Spagetti with Mozzarella cheese and cherry tomato, and Salmon Crunch Wrap






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