Meet Your Personal Chef

Marys Keto Kitchen
My name is Mary and I am passionate about sharing my gift of cooking. 
The idea of Mary's Keto Kitchen originated in late 2020 after giving birth to my first child, Nicholas. Only a breastfeeding mom understands the difficulty of being on a diet when you think more about food than your own baby. I was motivated to return to my pre-pregnancy weight, but I struggled with different fad diets and exercise routines.  After a family member introduced me to the concept of Keto, I soon realized that Keto was more than a diet, it's a lifestyle. Eating 1,200 calories a day may work for a person who is already in shape, but it is almost impossible for an adult taking care of herself and a new baby who is exclusively breastfeeding. The diet journey is even harder for people who love eating and cannot eliminate their favorite foods forever.
I started to prepare nightly meals for me and my husband, and within a matter of four weeks, we both lost twenty pounds, while eating healthy and delicious foods.  My goal is to help people who are facing similar struggles and are seeking to lose weight, lower their blood pressure, manage their cholesterol, or any of the various other benefits associated with a Keto lifestyle.
When I reached out to my family and friends who have experience subscribing to other meal services, I heard a few common themes for why those plans were not as effective for them:
  • Even if the meal plans feature high-quality recipes, individuals still have to prepare and cook their own meals
  • Plans target various dietary options, but they do not specifically focus on Keto meals
  • Meal plans did not feature much variety and repeated themselves within one to two weeks
My initial plan is to recruit seven (7) to ten (10) customers, so I can maintain the quality of preparing and cooking meals.  
I hope to become your personal chef in your Keto lifestyle journey.
Please feel free to call/text me at 925-364-1416 if you have any questions about Mary's Keto Kitchen.